DSC05550 (758x1024)I went to an estate sale on Saturday that said in its ad on Craig’s List that it was full of bargains.  Right, I laughed, bargains!  Like stuff for $50 instead of $100.  Hahahahaha! 

As I entered the sale, I saw that it was one of my favorite kind of sales, a packrat’s sale!  It was a tiny house with the place packed to the rafters and they pulled down more stuff from the packed attic and basement.  Stuff was strewn about and organized as best they could with very little space. 

As I was looking around the gentleman running the sale came into the room I was in and said “did you hear about the fill a basket?”  He then handed me a basket and said that all I could stuff in it was only $5.  I am a good stuffer and was now in heaven at the very thought.  As I was in the bedroom digging through the stuff tossed on the twin bed (hankies, linens, and etc.) another lady picked up a plastic bag with something in it.  The full size quilt in the picture was what was in it. 

I then willed her to put it down.  She dropped it with the comment, “ugh, a quilt!”  I almost smacked her, but my hands were too busy reaching for the quilt she dropped.  After filling my basked with lots of vintage hankies, some old school books (spelling books!!), some jewelry bits (seed beads, letters, and metal spacer beads), a pair of figurines, an old red metal piggy bank, and lots of etc. I walked out to the living room to pay for my stuff.  I also picked up an old 1956 vintage bingo game. 

DSC05552 (1024x729) I waited for a lady that was  oblivious to others waiting in line and had to make us all stand there while she wrapped her glass items (even though there was a table not 3 feet to her left for that very purpose)!  Then the cashier lady said you got a basket and those two items.  It will be $7!!!!!  SEVEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!  When I got out to my car I pinched myself at my good fortune at getting a barely used handmade quilt for $1!!!!!  The Estate Sale gods were truly good to me, no? 

Aren’t the butterflies pretty?  There seems to be no two alike on the quilt.  The body and wings are appliquéd and the antenna are drawn on.  The colors are vibrant and happy and it only has a few tiny spots on the top.  The bottom is just pristine.