One of the nice parts of meeting crafty people is admiring their work.  Then letting them know that and their offering to make you one.  You offer to pay and then a trade is reached.  So you get to share your creativity and they share theirs.  You both win, right?

DSC05522 (1024x755)

So for a trade for a pendant (which ended up being two) I made this bracelet using my Kumihimo braider and some fancy yarns. 

DSC05523 (1024x620)

DSC05521 (1024x767)

I hope that the crafty friend I am trading with enjoys it!  I love the colors and the yarns I used to make it.  She said her favorite color is read and after I started to make this bracelet realized how little red I have.  All of the yarns I used with the exception of two had red in it. 

I have to finish a charm to go with it and then it will be in the mail.