Hearts for the ears…DSC05431 (1024x760)                

and Hearts for the neck…

DSC05435 (1024x789)

Hearts no matter how many chins you may have…

DSC05439 (1024x755)

Hearts for every day of the month…

DSC05440 (1024x768)

I was racking my brain trying to come up with a Valentine’s Day design that was no so Valentines Day that you couldn’t wear it any time of the year.  I knew I wanted to use a heart punch, but was unsure what I was punching.  So I ripped out two text filled pages from a Russian children’s book that I thrifted. 

I then mixed some glitter paint with clear gesso and painted it on.  On top of that I sponge painted some light blue paint and then put a layer of a pinky red on top of that.  As it was drying I dipped a pint brush in water and then blended it all a bit.  I came up with this slightly variegated pinkish color hearts with a bit of sparkle.  I then used scrapbook papers of all colors for the background and then found the punched heart that had a complementary color.  All this is on top of a scrabble tile. 

Cute, no?  I am claiming the pendant with the polka dots for me!  There are plenty of leftover hearts, too.