I am sure you are all familiar with the saga now.  In early November I learned that I had herniated a disc in my back.  It is the very last one that sits on top of the pelvis at the bottom of the spine.  And for a little extra agony it was pressing into my sciatic nerve.  I had no idea it was my back that was hurt as the excruciating pain was all in my left leg.  Stabbing, cruel, mean, make you “cry until it stops” kind of pain! 

As I began my healing odyssey I learned so many new things, like that sciatic nerves do not like heat.  That heat makes it worse.  This was learned after a week of heating it per my primary care doctor!  So it was learned the hard way. 

As you go you learn how to treat thyself.  You sit straighter, you walk straighter, you learn to roll on your back to put your pants on so you don’t have to lift your legs. You learn alternative methods to put on socks, and you learn (most of all) how very few slip in type shoes you have that you can wear to work! 

When you head back to work you learn to work in PT appointments during your lunch hour, after work, and learn how to make up the time you miss for those appointments.  It is all part of the “medical” process.  You learn how to ice yourself while you are working by placing the ice pack on your chair and sitting on it!  Fonzie would be so proud!  LOL!

You learn things about the healing process of the spine and the sciatic nerve.  That it is slow and it has a mind of its own. That it doesn’t work on your timetable, but ITS timetable and you are just along for the ride.  Being a person that hates to sit around and take it easy, at times I have overdone it a bit, but the next day it reminds me that it is there and it is healing so I slow it back down and give it the time it needs. 

I learned something new last week at PT.  The fact that the pain is moving up my leg and toward the injured place on my back is very good.  It means it is healing.  So today I announced to my Physical Therapist that “I have never been so happy to have a pain in my ass!”  For 3 weeks it was parked in my left thigh just below my butt and over the weekend it moved to my butt cheek.  I was ecstatic.  Of course as the nerve pain goes away I am starting to feel my back a bit more.  But we are keeping on!  Twice weekly PT and the anti-inflammatory to take the edge off.  I may, after this prescription is out, try it for a bit without it.  I think I am at that point. 

So sorry that the blog has been so dormant, but I have been trying to get better and behaving myself.  I have so much I have seen that I want to do.  I brought home my new needle felting machine right before Christmas and want desperately to try it out.  So cross your fingers as I can finally see the light at the end of the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGEST tunnel I have been through thus far.  I appreciate each and every one of you for hanging in there with me.  Y’all are the best!