Illustration showing the location and basic anatomy of the lumbar spine within a female body - anterior (front) and posterior (rear) views. © Louise Carrier 2007.

Do you see that double shaded line at the base of the spine?  The one that sits right above the pelvis?  That is my culprit!  There is a hernia on the back of the vertebrae which is pushing against my sciatic nerve.  My Physical Therapist showed me today. 

He also confirmed that it is very treatable.  I have some home exercises and will see him twice a week for three weeks.  He is confident it will get better.  “We” are going to push that herniated place back into a round disc shape.  Think of your vertebrae like a tire filled with jelly.  In my cast the tire has a bubble that “we” must push back in.  Sounds like fun, huh?

At least everyone is telling me the same.  That it is treatable and will get better!

Just remember, peeps, be good to your spine!  ‘Cause it can be a pissy hacked off witch of a thing if you don’t! 

Pic is from here.