Thanks to a pattern from Amy Butler, some fabric I scored at a church rummage sale, and a few hours on Sunday…I have a new favorite purse. 

DSC05254 (554x1024) DSC05255 (702x1024)

I improvised on the inside a bit.  I made the small pocket, but instead of the other large pocket I made a long multi pocket.  That way I have a place for my sunglass case, my eyeglass case, and my notebook.  On the end of the small pocket I sewed a pen holder.  Other than that it is true to Amy’s pattern.

DSC05257 (1024x768) DSC05258 (1024x744)

I had my junk inside it when I realized that I had not taken the pic.  I learned some new techniques, like making pleats and stitching in the ditch (well mostly).  It took me a long time to make it about four hours.  Next time, it will be faster as I had to read her directions over and over a couple of times. 

I don’t think I got her gusset directions, so did my own thing using her measurements.  Oh well, it is finished and I love it!  That is good enough for me!