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One of my co-workers had a birthday last week.  I decided to make her a tag for her gift.  She is a scrapbooker so I knew she would appreciate the effort.  The front of the tag is rubber stamped with her name and a house and tree.  It is finished off with a bit of lace.  On the back I placed an image I cut a long time ago from a magazine.  I loved this image.  On her head I added a crown that I cut from a junk mail postcard.  I like to punch things from the glossy postcards especially, the ones with a bit of text. 

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She mentioned a while back that she liked brooches, but didn’t have too many of them.  I decided to make her a brooch for her birthday.  The body is some of the fabric left from that class of a year ago that I forgot I had.  I then added some of my face, hand and feet charms to complete this altered doll brooch. 

Jodi lives in the country so I thought that the cowboy boots were needed on her brooch.  It was quite a big hit!  Perhaps there are more in my future.