DSC05245 (1024x755) I do, lots of them.  Too small to do much of anything with so when I happened upon this video tutorial on Youtube I thought just the thing to try!  It was super easy.  I used a toothpick to wrap them on.  I then added bits of embroidery floss and yarns to embellish them.  I just wrapped and tied the yarns on the beads.  I didn’t glue them like she did. 

When I play with beads on them I will have to glue them.  It was quick, easy and mindless.  Just the kind of craft to play with while watching a TV show.

DSC05247 (1024x748)

DSC05249 (633x1024)

Then when I had finished making the beads, yesterday morning, I made them into a necklace while I watched Sunday Morning.  I thought that a long necklace fit with the beads better.  I used some other beads in between for some spacing and to break them up a bit. 

DSC05253 (734x1024)

Cute, no?