DSC05220 (593x1024)Let’s just suppose that you take a class at your local quilt store about oh….a year ago.  In that class you learn to make an art doll like, say, the one in the picture.  You go to another class taught by the same teacher oh…a year later!  How do you find out it is the same teacher?  She says, “you look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”  She mentions some of the classes she has taught and then you remember that she taught that art doll class that you were going to make into a brooch in the picture.  You never make the connection that you have not seen the brooch, which was unfinished, since the class oh…a year ago!

You get home and while reaching for some lacy bits to add to tags you made recently out falls a plastic bag.  In that bag is this art doll, still unfinished and lacking the pin back.  You then remember you took the class and made this brooch. 

What kind of problem would that be?  And can you tell me what the treatment is??