The Oz tags arrived last week from Karla’s swap.  I love the tag book she created for me. 

DSC05145 (630x1024)

Once again, Karla made the covers.

DSC05146 (767x1024)

Glinda was created by Janet

DSC05147 (1024x765)

The basket with the scarecrow and the flying monkey was made by Samantha Miranda. 

DSC05148 (745x1024)

This cute tag was made by Becky

DSC05149 (723x1024)

This vintage lovely was made by Linda

DSC05150 (641x1024)

This tag printed on fabric was made by Evelyn.

DSC05151 (671x1024)

A trip to the Emerald City was by Debra

DSC05152 (668x1024)

I added one of my tags to the book.  I remembered this time!