DSC05119 (1024x738) I saw a blog post a long time ago about a shawl that had several moth holes.  The owner of the shawl used needle felted circles to fix the holes and it gave the shawl a polka dot effect.  I thought the finished product looked so cool, that I had almost been itching to find a hole in one of my sweaters.  I cannot find the blog post, but here is a tutorial on Martha’s site to tell you how to do it. 

On a trip to my local Goodwill, I found a vintage Scottish wool scarf with a few holes for $1.99. 

I got out my wool roving and my needles and had a go at the holes on the scarf.  It didn’t take very long and it was all finished. 

DSC05139 (1024x713) DSC05140 (1024x768)

I could have changed up the roving to make multi-colored spots, but I was trying out the technique.  I think it ended up kind of cool and was a great way to fix an item of clothing to extend its life with a stylish twist. 

Is anyone interested in the scarf?  I can’t wear wool around my face or neck as it give me a nasty reaction.  I can wear sweaters, but have to wear a t-shirt between it and my skin.  With a scarf that is not an option.  So if anyone would like my experiment, speak up!  I will be happy to send it to you.