This week’s random act of kindness involved buttons that I picked up a while back.   Helzberg Diamonds has a campaign to spread the message of love.  You can go to their stores and get a limited supply of the buttons to hand out in 11 languages.  I had a bag from a while back when they mailed them to you.  Mine said simply I am loved

The other day I went to my local Target to get a few items.  I parked my car way back in the parking lot and then randomly left the buttons on the roof of the car above the driver’s door so they would be sure to be found.  Then I went on my merry way. 

As I was leaving, I saw a woman find one on her car, smile and put it in her pocket.  That made me smile, too!

Everyone needs to know they are loved, so if you have a Helzberg stop in, scoop a handful, and spread the love.