It was about an avid crocheter or knitter that would leave a mesh bag outside in the spring with bits of yarn in all colors and types.  As the birds were gathering bits to build their nests they would grab a string or two and use it in their nests.  There was one birdie in particular that used several bits of the yarn for its nest and had quite a colorful place to lay her eggs and grow her babies. 

I remember thinking what a cool idea that was.  Have I ever done it?  No, but the spirit is there.  LOL!  I found this post on a crochet blog that talks about it.  Birds, especially in cities, have limited nest building materials and get “creative” in their materials.  So a bit of yarn might be just the thing.  And how cool to see a nest in your tree and see a bit of your yarn hanging from it?

DSC05101 (1024x882) DSC05102 (1024x921)

After I found this sweet little birdie image it got me thinking?  I used it to make the charms for the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces Group charm swap.  I adhered the image onto a mini domino using mod podge with a layer of Diamond Glazer on top.  The domino was first painted with acrylic glitter paint to give it some sparkle and a bit of bling.  I sealed the paint and the image with a few layers of polycrylic as nothing gets on my nerves more than loose glitter!!  I added a couple of pieces of yarn to the jump rings to keep my nesting thoughts alive. 

I actually remembered this time to make one for myself.  Imagine that.  I recounted and there are 9 in the group and with my charm that makes 10 for the bracelet.  I am thinking I will make a kumihimo cord for the bracelet.  That would be cool!

What have you done for the birdies lately?