I am busy working on 11 charms for a charm swap for the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces group.  So while I am finishing up on the charms I am making, I will show you three of the charms I have received so far.

Mary Ann McKeating of Follow Your Bliss Designs, made this wonderful cupcake charm using a bingo marker and fimo clay.  She says it is her first time using fimo clay to make the cupcake, but I think she has some sculpting in her background. 

DSC05090 (1024x768)

Jan Freeman made this awesome charm using a shoe from a Monopoly game, some rock crystals, and other charms.  It is really pretty!

DSC05091 (1024x799)  

And Heather Alexander (HA! Designs) made this cute little birdhouse charm using dominos that she cut in half and a roof.  I love the game card she tied it onto. 

DSC05089 (716x1024)

I hope to have mine ready to show you tomorrow and then have them in the mail by the end of the week to the other swap participants.  We shall see how that goes!