DSC05035 (1024x795)Looking back on the last year of my life has been interesting.  In that year I have become employed (after two years of unemployment) at a job that gives me a lot of personal fulfillment.  I have a job that I like getting up and going to daily.  That is important!

My last job was in corporate America.  I had one of those managers that makes your workplace misery.  Every day I had to will myself to go in.  I had to make myself go back the next day.  I had to pray for the strength not to tell her to stuff it on a daily basis.  

Now it is a year later and I am happy.  I make stuff, I create things and they make people smile and every so often make a purchase.  I also have a part-time hobby that makes me some spending money.  You know I love to thrift!  Now I thrift for a sideline.  I pick up treasures and then resell them for some coin.  It is fun, I love to seek out the treasures and my home doesn’t look like an episode of Hoarders.  Life is good!

I have some really cool friends that I have met via blogging, Flickr and Yahoo groups.  They are cool, they are nurturing and they help to fan my creative flames.  Life is good. 

I know I have friends out there that are still looking for work.  That are wondering how they will make ends meet.  That are hoping for a blessing.  To them I say “hang in there!”  Your dreams will get realized.  Sometimes it takes time.  In the meantime, I will keep believing in you!  You keep believing in you, too!