DSC05028 (554x1024) Karla’s having another tag book swap.  This one is based on the Wizard of Oz.  I searched and searched and could not find images that inspired me to make the tags.  I made a trip to my local quilt store for some thread and asked if they had any Wizard of Oz fabrics.  They did have several and I bought a sampling of each.  I then decided to make fabric tags. 

So I got out my trusty Timtek to make them stiff, my wonder under for bonding, my beads, scissors, flowers, buttons, vintage lace and variegated thread.  I also used my printer to print out the text.  I also used my Crop-o-dile to make the holes and add the eyelets for the hole. 

I love how they came out.  This time I remembered to make one for myself to add to my book when I receive it from Karla.  I also made an extra for Karla.  I had to make 6 total, so I made one of each character, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, and the Cowardly Lion, and then made 4 of Dorothy sleeping in the poppies. 

The back is finished with Surrender Dorothy fabric,  and either Dorothy in the red shoes or the witch with the house on top of her.  I also added the swap button, and my information.  I will share the back on Flickr tomorrow. 

DSC05029 (572x1024) DSC05030 (544x1024)

DSC05031 (563x1024) DSC05032 (867x1024)

DSC05033 (917x1024)



I really love how they came out and hope that my swap recipients do, too.