kindness_Page_0[1]This week’s random act of kindness was directed at a server at a restaurant that I frequent.  I overheard another table really giving her a hard time about everything.  every. freaking. thing.  I felt really bad for her and expected to reap some of the abuse they had heaped on her. 

Each time she came to my table she had a smile and was pleasant.  She served me cheerfully and pleasantly and I would never have known she was having a really big issue with the people at the other table had I not overheard. 

When I left I left her a $10 tip on an $8 check with a note, “don’t let the mean people get you down!”  I also made sure it was a cash tip!

Next time you are at a restaurant and get really great service remember to over tip your wait staff.  It will make their day!