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I have been a long time member of the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls Group.  I participate in swaps as the subject interests me.  I participated a while back in a mermaid swap and my partner for the ATC swap flaked.  I didn’t say anything as I had always been very pleased with the work I received.  Then I saw a post from a new member who was disappointed that her partner flaked.  You guessed it, my partner!  She worked very hard to make a doll for trade, but was disappointed. 

I left a comment so they knew that she flaked on both.  I received a message from the group leader saying she was going to make me an ATC.  I told her there was really no need as I was due for a flaker.  Her Mom, is a co-moderator, and she is a wonderful artist and I enjoy receiving her work.  So yesterday in the mail this lovely arrived for me.  It is entitled dreaming of flying and look at the lovely watercolor work she did!  So awesome!  Norma, I love her!