DSC04948 (779x1024)Remember when you were in grade school and the  day was broke up a bit with lunch and then recess?  You got to go outside and play for a half hour?  That was my favorite part of the day.  I was able to visit with my friends, swing, and giggle with my friends. 

As I was making the ATCs for Kate’s Birthday ATC Swap I was remembering that time.  I was inspired by some plastic buttons I picked up thrifting.  They are kid buttons which are dancing, skateboarding, pogo sticking, running and playing. 

The background is composed of random strips of fabric in play colors.  I cut one inch strips and then pieced them together. On top of that I fused a bright color confetti yarn and some ribbon yarn pieces and topped that with black tulle.  I then zig zagged the outside with bright pink thread. 

I am quite pleased with how they came out.  It looks like they are having a lot of fun, doesn’t it? 

DSC04949 (768x1024) DSC04950 (745x1024)

Since I am behind (as usual) for the swap, I made a month ahead while I was at it.  Nine in all.  I also had some left over fabric so made 3 more in case anyone would be interested in a 1:1 trade.  The three below are the 3 available for trade. 

DSC04945 (748x1024) DSC04946 (756x1024)

DSC04947 (767x1024)

I am going to add the three to my flickr available for trade group.  So leave a comment on this post or on Flickr if you are interested.