I open my blog reader, Bloglines, yesterday and this is what greets me.  They are closing Bloglines as of October 1st along with directions to export your blogs so you can take them to another reader.  WTF?   No warning, no so sad to tell you, just we are closing up shop and here is how to take you stuff with you when you go. 

I moved on over to Google’s reader.  After removing all the crap sites that they “place” in your reader.  I added all of my blogs.  Then I looked for the mark all read button.  Bloglines had one.  You know, for the times you just want to start fresh.  They don’t have one.  I had to click on EACH AND EVERY ONE individually to mark it as read.  I had read them before I made the switch.  It took forever!!!!!!!!

On the plus side, it seems to be going okay. I guess change is not a bad thing when it is forced on you against your will!