Did you ever have an idea hit you in the head?  I was driving home Monday from my little brother’s house when I thought I should make a Halloween brooch.  I didn’t want it to be over the top Halloween, so I pondered on alternative themes.  Then it hit me!  Who makes me think of Halloween?  Why, none other than Mr. Edgar Allen Poe.  DSC04880 (1019x1024)

I have long had a love affair with Mr. Poe.  I remember as a little girl growing up in Baltimore learning about his poetry and then learning that he died in Baltimore.  I remember his creepy little house near the University of Maryland Dental School that I visited often when I was a kid.  The brick house with the black iron fence circling it and the dead tree in the front yard.  It looked just like I expected his house to look. 

Then I moved to Richmond and there are all kinds of Poe sites around town.  The Poe Museum with a large collection of Poe items and the room with all the causes of his death in it.  If, I recall there are 14 theories of his death.  St. John’s Church houses his mother’s grave and around the corner is the home of his beloved Elmira Royster-Shelton. 

I found a picture of Poe using Google Image Search and printed it on some nubby ecru textured paper.  Using mod podge I adhered it to a fancy shaped flat button.  I then sanded the edges a bit.  Next, I strung some beads on a thin wire to encircle the picture.  I used one of the brooch rosettes I recently made to place it on. 

Now, I am all ready for the Halloween season.  Me and Mr. Poe will be heading out about town.  His town!