DSC04873 (1024x783)Sometimes creativity just will not come.  You think on your theme and you cannot hit on that thing that motivates you to start.  You cannot force it, you cannot will it, you must just wait for the right trigger. 

Karla is having another tag swap that I joined.  The theme is the Wizard of Oz.  She put some images on her blog, I searched the thrifts for a book, I searched the internet for some pics to print that might nudge that creative spark.  Nothing! 

Last night, after work, I went to my LQS to get a new purse pattern that a lady in for orientation today was carrying.  While there I happened to ask, “Do you have any Wizard of Oz fabric?”  They had about 6-7 bolts of it.  I picked out four pieces to work with.  Now the ideas are swirling.  My creative juices are flowing.     All it took was a simple question.  

There is still time to join up if you are interested in the tag swap.

Dorothy tag book swap