I have never liked tight things on my body.  Tight clothes, no.  Tight pants, heck no. Watches, nada.  Bracelets, noper.  Necklaces, not a chance. 

DSC04757 (1024x698)

I found this pretty little bracelet at the thrift shop.  It was really pretty with the grey pearls, the briolette beads and the rhinestone button for closure.  The only problem was it was too tight.  It fit on my wrist with no play at all.  I need play.  I need it to twist around and around.  I need give. 

So I set about taking it apart.  I added the four swarovski beads to it to give me some wiggle room.  In the process one of my crimp beads came open and some tiny seed beads went flying!  I still haven’t located all of them!  I then made up the gaps with some black seed beads I had.  A bit larger, but they worked for the closure all the same. 

The improved bracelet is great with just the right amount of wiggle room.  I got the bracelet for $5 and with a little work and the beads I already have it is a masterpiece!