It has been a busy couple of weeks for me.  I missed the Friday remember post as we were having major thunderstorms most of the evening so I didn’t dare use my computer as the power kept flickering all night. 

The weekend was spent babysitting for my nieces.  I got home late Sunday.  The only crafty thing we did was to braid some friendship bracelets for their friends using a cardboard disc similar to a kumihimo pattern.  The bracelets (they made anklets) were a big hit.  They each made one, the cats got some for collars, and they made one for their Mom. 

So I am pooped!  On Friday of this week a friend and I are traveling to Northern Virginia to meet a bloggy friend that is in from England.  I cannot wait to see Kate!

So give me a week to catch my breath.  I will be back and ready to go next week.  Refreshed, inspired, and bursting with creativity!  Cross your fingers!