My friend, Vicki, scan0001 (1024x678) just finished a 9 year labor of cussing, swearing, and talking bad each and every post about a perfectly lovely cat.  You can read more about it hereMaggie The Messmaker can now cuss with the most drunken of sailors as Vicki has taught her well. 

Vicki decided to celebrate her completion by sending her friends (??) fabric postcards to commemorate her completion.  She entitled them Kitty Litter.  The cards are made from bits and pieces of the leftovers from Maggie.  Among her bits I see some embroidery floss, the directions, the floss color guide, and a bit of a picture. 

I made her promise me not to send any “kitty lumps” with the cat litter. 

The card made me laugh and isn’t that all that matters!