DSC04594 (1024x959) My niece, Audrey, loves horses.  She is taking riding lessons locally and is getting better all the time.  Last time I saw her she mentioned that she was having a hard time finding a purse with horses on it that she liked.  She then asked me if I would make her one.  I asked her what she put into her purses and there were only 3 items, so I knew it didn’t have to be a large purse. 

I found farm animal stencils at the thrift shop quite a while ago.  There was a horse stencil.  After backing the fabric square with wonder under I then traced out the horse onto the fabric.  Since it was a stencil I could orient it correctly for the front of the bag.  I then carefully cut out the horse. 

I found this fun batik fabric with hearts recently at Joann’s.  I thought since Audrey loves horses it would be the perfect fabric for her bag.  The interior is horse and rider silhouette fabric that I found a while back at the Goodwill.  I had planned to make something for Audrey with it. 

I made a simple envelope type of bag just roughing it out in my head.  You know how I don’t like to use patterns!  The stripes you see are from the denim I used as an interfacing in the bag.  It is actually not too bad an effect.  Call it a happy accident! 

The button is one that I found at Joann’s in the clearance bin.  I thought it “fit” with the feel of the bag.  I used craft string to sew it on since I knew it would get a lot of use. 

I made the strap long enough she could put it across her body to wear or as a shoulder bag.  She can just knot it where it is the right length.  I guesstimated at the length of the strap. 

I will drop it off on Thursday to her.  She is pretty picky so we shall see how it goes.  Cross your fingers!