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The weekend was a lot of fun.  I got a call from my niece on Friday afternoon asking if I would like to go to dinner and then bowling with my brother and nieces.  I jumped at the chance!  We had a lot of fun bowling and it was fun to spend the evening with them.  It is heartwarming to see what a great Dad my little brother is. 

They have a dog, Shayna, the Golden Doodle.  She is the sweetest little doggie.  She thinks she is still a puppy and jumps to sit in your lap when you sit down.  I was playing with her and rough housing with her when her paw slipped and she clocked me!  I saw stars and thought she bloodied my nose!  Thankfully, she didn’t, but she did leave a scratch on the tip of my nose! 

In the mail was this lovely card from a 1:1 trade with Shanda Panda who I met through flickr. I love the dictionary behind it, the real leaf on top of it and the text at the bottom. 



DSC04549 (726x1024)I also received this lovely ATC from Di Thompson for the birthday ATC swap.  It is a bit late, but there was a lovely apology sticker from the Royal Mail people letting me know why.  Gotta love the Brits!  You get a sticker with an explanation.  With the US Postal Service, you get nothing.  Sometimes they send you the destroyed item in a plastic bag, sometimes you get the item very, very late, and sometimes not at all!  You never get a sticker for an apology!

I think she painted it, but in this pic it looks like stitching.  I love the tube beads she added, too.