This week’s random act of kindness involved an assist from a thrift shop cashier.  I was shopping with a friend and she found a vintage cake pan, but didn’t like the price.  I encouraged her to ask the cashier if that was the best she could kindness_Page_0[1]do.  As we both lined up to pay my friend walked away long enough for me to tell the clerk to ring up 1/2 her cake pan and charge me for it.  Also, the when she asked for a better price to let her have it for 1/2. 

The cashier played it masterfully!  She looked the item over like she was really thinking about it.  She was so good I thought she forgot that she was giving it to her for half.  Then she told my friend how about $7.50?  My friend said okay as that is what she wanted to pay for it.   Thankfully, she doesn’t read my blog so will never know!

The other random act was to mail a surprise package to another bloggy friend.  Just some things I picked up along the way that I knew she enjoyed. 

Giving is what makes the world a nicer place!