Remember when you were little and playing Tag with your friends?  You would chase each other around for hours until your fingertips barely connected with them and then…they. were. it!  Sometimes we also played Freeze Tag.  In that game how ever your body was when you were tagged you had to hold it until everyone was caught and then the last one caught was it. 

DSC04449 (808x1024) Well, now that I am all grown up I cannot play tag any longer, I have neither the stamina or the body for it!  Now I play a grown up version of tag.  One that involves paper, scissors, glue, flowers, and bits and pieces of ephemera. It also involves rubber stamps, embossing powders and heat! 

The tag was made using a vintage playing card as the center piece.  I used black photo corners to hold it on.  I then added some silk flowers, leaves, and stamped and embossed her name on the tag.  I placed an eyelet in the hole and strung through a long pale blue ribbon to wrap around the package I gave her. 

She told me it was going to be kept on her “special” bulletin board.  That is quite an honor for someone to think you are special!  And I didn’t even have to break a sweat to play!