The yard sale on Saturday was da bomb!  I advertised that I had clothing for women of a certain size and shoes for the wide feeted among us.  Well they came out, they brought their friends, they told their friends, their friends came, their relatives came and their friends of friends came.  I had a sweet group of early ladies that were telling me how excited they were as “we never see yard sale stuff for women our size!”  I know!!!!  “We never see shoes for people with my feet!”  I know!!!

By 9 in the morning I had already seen over 30 ladies.  They were buying the clothes by the armloads.  All mentioning that they saw the ad on Craig’s List.  They also had their paper grocery bags in tow.  The clothing was priced at $2 for the tops and bottoms, but if you brought a paper grocery bag it was all you could stuff for $12!  Yes, I had THAT MANY clothes to get rid of .  One of my early shoppers was also an organizer for the local Relay for Life yard sales.  I told her to come back at 12 and she could have what was left. 

After the initial rush of ladies I saw 3 other people between 9:30 and 11.  At 11:30 I decided that I had other stuff I could be doing so decided to pack it in.  As I was bagging up the leftovers for the lady to pick up a lady pulled up and said “you are closing it up?”  She asked if she could look at what was left.  I let her then she asked if she could have the remaining bags of clothes for $15.  I was giving it away so took her up on it.  Then another lady drove up to ask about the shoes and if they were all gone.  I said no and let her look.  She picked out several pair and some purses and offered me $20 for them.  I took it. 

When I was done I had two bags left for the Relay for Life.  I made $290 from my yard sale.  It feels good to have my savings built back up a bit!  Also, I was donating 10% of my proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association so donated $29 to them, also.  A good day.

DSC04355 (1024x676)

I purchased this slightly blah orangey linen jacket at the Goodwill for $3.  I thought it looked a bit blah and thought I would jazz it up a bit. 

DSC04358 (1024x750)

I made more of the twisted flowers.  This time I made them out of a sheer brown fabric with a white stripe and sewed them onto a circle of fabric instead of gluing them.  Then I glued the flowers onto the jacket using Fabric-Tac.  The flowers go all the way around the collar of the jacket.

DSC04357 (1024x768)

I love the way it came out in the end.  It is much nicer and has a bit of the WOW, that it was lacking. 

What do you think?