DSC04353 (1024x449)

The owl might be an old image, but the others are new (to my pendants).  I thought since the Alice image worked so well that I would add the Mad Hatter, the tricycle, the sewing machine and the typewriter. 

They all worked really well.  I placed them at my local consignment to see how they do before I make a lot more.  It helps sometimes to test the water and see what happens. 

DSC04354 (1024x582)

The tiles have been a big hit and everyone seems to like them.  That makes me smile.  It goes to show that you never know.  Some things that I think are phenomenal make barely a dribble, then others that I think “let’s give them a shot” turn out huge.  It just goes to show you that you never know. 

How about you?  Try anything that fizzled?  Sold anything that sizzled?