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when my girlfriends and I got the giggles.

when we would laugh ourselves silly at absolutely nothing.

when I laughed so hard I had to piddle.

when everything was funny!

Do you remember, too?


This week’s random act of kindness totally fell into my lap.  I didn’t have to think about it, plan it, plot it, it just kind of happened. 

I was at the Goodwill and had paid for my purchases.  I was waiting for the clerk to bag up my stuff and wrap a couple of glass pieces.  As he reached for two VHS tapes at the end of the counter.  A little boy said, “those are mine.”  The clerk replied that he had rung them up with my purchases as he thought they were mine. 

The boy called his Dad as he no doubt thought I would be mad.  Instead, I told the clerk not to worry about it and then told the little boy that he needed to take the money I saved him and do something nice for somebody else.  “Just pay it forward,” I requested. 

Not sure if he will as both he and his father looked at me like I had two heads, but I left feeling happy in my good deed!

What did you do this week?

DSC04177 (557x1024)

I know that you all know that I sell some of my thrift finds on Ebay.  Every now and then, I buy something on Ebay. 

I found this handmade gnome brooch recently and had to have it.  It was listed as buy it now, so I didn’t have to wait and hope.  I did a couple of clicks and it was in my mailbox in a matter of days. 

Isn’t it great! 

One of the shop owners where I bring my jewelry called my style whimsical.  That is funny as I was trying for a bit edgy!  I talked with her about how wrong she was in that assessment and that I was not whimsical.  Then on the drive home I looked over at my mushroom purse and remembered my Alice In Wonderland purse while I was wearing my button Converses and thought… “Damn she is RIGHT!”

Oh well, embrace the whimsy, right???

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  I got called upon at the last minute to pet sit for my little brother and was worn out when I got home.  So I completely forgot!

DSC04178 (828x1024)Over the weekend in the mail I received this lovely brooch from Kayenderes, who I have talked about before.  She creates the most amazing dolls out of corn husks.  She has a couple that are in museums.  I met her through a paper doll swap on my Yahoo group and she and I frequently swap supplies, I get her local magazines she cannot find, and we chat regularly via email.  She is a neat lady and I get to learn a bit, too. 

When I send her supplies I ask that she surprise me with a thank you.  So imagine my glee when she thanked me for some hands and feet and some stamped faces with this lovely!

Her body is woven by Kayenderes and then she added the wild hair.  All out of corn husks.  Isn’t she awesome!  I love her! 

It amazes me the people that I have met via this blog and swaps and the things they create are all so unique.  It makes me smile when someone asks me where I got something and I say my friend so and so!  It makes my jewelry collection truly one of a kind!

I love when Dave messes with Richard Simmons!

when they wore a habit.

when they seemed very mean.

when they wielded a mean ruler.

when they would sit in the front pews.

when Whoopi Goldberg made them funny.

Do you remember, too? 


There is always a fellow at my local gas station when I am there.  It is obvious he lives in his car as he is not very clean and it is packed with stuff!  I mean packed!  The only clear area is where he sits to drive it.  It is ratty and beat up and it appears to be barely on wheels. 

He has been at the pump near me a time or two and I watch him put $2 in his car.  I happened to be behind him in line yesterday and I saw him count out his change to fill his car.  After he got out the door I asked the clerk to authorize his pump for $20 and I would make up the difference. 

As I was leaving I watched him stare at the pump as it went beyond his $2.  Then I saw him go inside the station to try to explain why he couldn’t pay the amount on the pump.  Then I saw him walk out again with a smile on his face and finish filling up his tank.  I asked the clerk not to tell him who paid. 

I drove away with a smile on my face!

"Unmade Bed" Print

My spirit has been kind of restless lately.  My to do list continues to grow, but I lack the motivation or the focus to get on it.  I wander to and fro trying to stay with something to completion, but it just keeps piling up. 

I have many unfinished and in various stages of incomplete projects, but when I decide to stay in and buckle down, I find a reason to head out.  It seems that I am lacking focus. 

What do you do when you lack focus?  What gets you back on track? 

Quote O’ The Month

"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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