scan0009 (744x1024)On Saturday I went to the Goodwill outlet again.  It is always a crap shoot.  You get lucky some days, really lucky other days and come up craps sometimes, too.  On this trip I found some more game pieces, but cards for a card game called Funny Bone

It is played as a couple with another couple and the cards have instructions.  The hand bone is connected to the head bone.  Then you must put the card between your partners head and your hand and hold it there.  The game stops when a couple drops two cards.  Can you imagine?  you have to pick up the cards off the floor to play and continue to hold them as you go along against your partner.  That would truly be a game of skill. 

I guess it was the predecessor to Twister and was created in 1968. 

As I was checking out the cards I thought that they were the exact size of a postcard and, since they had a bit of thickness, would be a great base for a handmade postcard.  I also had a vintage pattern I found at the outlet that was for clown costumes. 

scan0010 (1024x736)


I rubber stamped the text and the flourish and used my new postcard rubber stamps from this Etsy seller to finish the back. 

It was quick, easy and a satisfying scrappy fix.  Now off to mail it!