This week’s random act of kindness totally fell into my lap.  I didn’t have to think about it, plan it, plot it, it just kind of happened. 

I was at the Goodwill and had paid for my purchases.  I was waiting for the clerk to bag up my stuff and wrap a couple of glass pieces.  As he reached for two VHS tapes at the end of the counter.  A little boy said, “those are mine.”  The clerk replied that he had rung them up with my purchases as he thought they were mine. 

The boy called his Dad as he no doubt thought I would be mad.  Instead, I told the clerk not to worry about it and then told the little boy that he needed to take the money I saved him and do something nice for somebody else.  “Just pay it forward,” I requested. 

Not sure if he will as both he and his father looked at me like I had two heads, but I left feeling happy in my good deed!

What did you do this week?