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I know that you all know that I sell some of my thrift finds on Ebay.  Every now and then, I buy something on Ebay. 

I found this handmade gnome brooch recently and had to have it.  It was listed as buy it now, so I didn’t have to wait and hope.  I did a couple of clicks and it was in my mailbox in a matter of days. 

Isn’t it great! 

One of the shop owners where I bring my jewelry called my style whimsical.  That is funny as I was trying for a bit edgy!  I talked with her about how wrong she was in that assessment and that I was not whimsical.  Then on the drive home I looked over at my mushroom purse and remembered my Alice In Wonderland purse while I was wearing my button Converses and thought… “Damn she is RIGHT!”

Oh well, embrace the whimsy, right???