Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  I got called upon at the last minute to pet sit for my little brother and was worn out when I got home.  So I completely forgot!

DSC04178 (828x1024)Over the weekend in the mail I received this lovely brooch from Kayenderes, who I have talked about before.  She creates the most amazing dolls out of corn husks.  She has a couple that are in museums.  I met her through a paper doll swap on my Yahoo group and she and I frequently swap supplies, I get her local magazines she cannot find, and we chat regularly via email.  She is a neat lady and I get to learn a bit, too. 

When I send her supplies I ask that she surprise me with a thank you.  So imagine my glee when she thanked me for some hands and feet and some stamped faces with this lovely!

Her body is woven by Kayenderes and then she added the wild hair.  All out of corn husks.  Isn’t she awesome!  I love her! 

It amazes me the people that I have met via this blog and swaps and the things they create are all so unique.  It makes me smile when someone asks me where I got something and I say my friend so and so!  It makes my jewelry collection truly one of a kind!