There is always a fellow at my local gas station when I am there.  It is obvious he lives in his car as he is not very clean and it is packed with stuff!  I mean packed!  The only clear area is where he sits to drive it.  It is ratty and beat up and it appears to be barely on wheels. 

He has been at the pump near me a time or two and I watch him put $2 in his car.  I happened to be behind him in line yesterday and I saw him count out his change to fill his car.  After he got out the door I asked the clerk to authorize his pump for $20 and I would make up the difference. 

As I was leaving I watched him stare at the pump as it went beyond his $2.  Then I saw him go inside the station to try to explain why he couldn’t pay the amount on the pump.  Then I saw him walk out again with a smile on his face and finish filling up his tank.  I asked the clerk not to tell him who paid. 

I drove away with a smile on my face!