I had a four day weekend this past weekend with the holiday on Monday.  One of my co-workers said about teh weather that it was not just hot, but it was nekkid hotDSC04073 (903x1024) I thought what a great description of the weather.  It is certainly weather that is not conducive to wearing clothing!  I made sure to stay inside for most of it with the AC. 

While I was inside I finished my mermaids for the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls May Swap.  The lady to the left is my paper art doll.  I called her Azure as she reminded me of the azure blue of the water.  Her body is some of my favorite basic grey papers on which I stamped the torso with a flower pattern and the tail with bubbles.  I added the tinsel for her crown and tied on the ric rac as I thought it looked like seaweed.  the face is also a rubber stamp.   She will be winging her way to Canada to live with Norma. 

The other mermaid is an ATC.  It has to be ATC size 2.5” by 3.5” and contain a paper doll.  I have been working lately to see how large I can make the dollies so they still fold to ATC size. 


DSC04075 (686x1024)

This lady is a full size paper doll, but she folds to ATC size.  She was created with basic grey papers on which I rubber stamped the body and tail.  I also rubber stamped her head.  She folds neatly to ATC size.  I got the template here

DSC04077 (768x1024)

She doesn’t look very comfortable, does she?  It will be a short trip to Georgia to live with Rosemary for her.