Every time I hit an estate sale you never know what you might find there.  It is always an adventure and a glimpse into a person’s life.  I often think if people traipsed through my belongings what would they think of me?  Would they think I was a cool artsy chick?  An out of control packrat?  A hoarder?  Or a collector of eclectic things? 

DSC03954 (1024x870)

The latest estate sale I hit I made it on Sunday.  Sunday’s can be dicey as the sale is in its third day, the items are picked over, and the good stuff is likely gone.  Most of what I hit the sales for usually lasts a bit.  The good thing about Sunday at estate sales is that depending on how much crap goodness is left the prices can be 50-70% off.  In the case of the one that I hit the prices were 75% off. 

I found several totes in the basement labeled craft supplies.  Since I had another lady hovering I had to do the quick look and commit.  You see one or two things that you might want and you take you chances.  The totes were down to $1.50 so it was not a costly chance. 

Imagine my surprise when I got it home and found these!  Two handmade needle books.  This one had the loveliest buttons for flowers. 

DSC03956 (769x1024)

There was also this owl needle book with googly eyes.  I love googly eyes!  This little buddy is winging himself to his new home as of yesterday.  I hope his new owner enjoys him!

I also found some really neat cards made from buttons and bits of fabric. 

DSC03959 (768x1024)  

DSC03960 (769x1024)

They are so cool and who would have thought to use the button holes for eyes???  A little red dot for the lips and some scribbles for the body and hair.  I love the hats with the feather touch, too. 

Oh and there was also beads, felt pieces, and some other sewing items in the box. 

Great score, huh?