DSC03744 (1024x530)The day was windy.  Really, really windy.  So we made me a little bunker under a tent in front of Linda’s shop.   Across from me and facing the street was a two high rack of clothes.  I sat right against the shop which blocked all but the heartiest wind gusts.  I only had a few felty brooches go flying and one topple of the earring rack, but other than that few calamities. 

To the left of my table was a florist and I spent the afternoon and evening watching people of all persuasions and ages stop by to pick up flower DSC03745 (1024x729) arrangements.  There were plants outside and when the wing gusted bits of dirt and Spanish moss flew at me along with the plant identification cards.  My table was covered with dirt most of the day, but what the hey?

I made enough to cover my trip there and then some, but the crowds were small mostly due to the wind (I believe).  All in all, it was a great afternoon to sit, crochet a bit, listen to my I-pod and watch the cars drive by. 

I gave up pretty early on keeping the stuff straight as you can probably tell!


DSC03746 (1024x858) DSC03747 (1024x755)

DSC03748 (737x1024)