I should start this one with a disclaimer.  I have an odd sense of humor.  It might even be said that it is a bit twisted!  Things that others might not think is funny makes me laugh.  So here goes!  Remember you were warned!!!!

I went to one of my local Goodwill stores on Sunday and noticed signs at each register.  Like at the library or Laundromat where there is a tab to tear off with a phone number, but the subject of this one caught my eye!

Missing: My Dead Mother’s ashes!

The urn carrying them is a redwood color (and there was a picture of the shape of the container). 

Donated on or about April 20th at this Goodwill location.


When I got up to the register I asked one of my regular cashiers about the story behind it.  Evidently, they donated an entertainment center and forgot to take Mom’s ashes out of it.  I guess the rolling and thumping sound as they moved it and loaded it was not a clue.  Nor was the large urn sitting inside of it after all the entertainment items were cleaned out of it.  How does one forget that your Mom’s ashes are inside something?

Perhaps the hubby, after buying a new, bigger and better flat screen TV decided that the entertainment center had to go so cleaned it out and loaded it in the truck before the wife got home.  Upon her return she asked “What happened to Mom?”  “Mom, what are you talking about?”  She then reminds him that Mom was inside.  “Oh, my bad!”  Cue sounds of hysterical wife! 

Imagine the poor schmuck that now realizes that he bought Mom!   What is he going to do?  Did he “clean” the URN?  Can he give it back without its former occupant?  How would you feel about Mom being in your house?

I thought about what my Mom would think if I donated her.  I think she would find it funny.  She loved a good thrift shopping adventure as much as I, but I have to think she would never have thought she would be the thrift!

I swear that this story is true!