Here is last week’s batch from Kate’s ATC Birthday swap. 

DSC03728 (952x1024)

This lovely textured and metallic ATC was made by Andrea Harris from Tasmania.

DSC03729 (764x1024)

This lovely sparkly and beaded heart was created by Sheila Sanderson from Scotland.

DSC03730 (791x1024)

This embroidered and monogrammed ATC was created by Cobi Witteloeck from The Netherlands.

DSC03731 (763x1024)

This pieced, stitched and beaded lovely was made by Joy Vale from Australia.

DSC03732 (748x1024)

And last, but not least, this pieced lovely was made by Susana Gallego from Beacelona, Spain. 

I think there may be a few more to arrive yet, but have completely lost count.