DSC03723 (1024x745) Until my table is set up in front of ReFinery in the Bellevue section of Richmond.  I am busy altering scrabble tiles to make pendants and earrings.  I also need to crochet and starch some flowers.  I should be right on time!

The first step got a lot easier since I found a 3/4” punch at the craft store.  No more tracing and cutting out.  I can not aimlessly punch squares as I watch TV.




DSC03724 (1024x735)

The punch doesn’t work so well with the overlay so I still have to cut those by hand.  I need to sand the edges and then drill the holes.  And then there is the coats of sealer for the top to protect and seal the images. 

DSC03725 (1024x743)

I believe when I counted them there were 143 tiles, but I could be wrong.  LOL!