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DSC03638 (1024x614)I am late for the March birthdays and soon it will be the end of April.  I spent this weekend working on the ATCS that I need to send all 9 of them. 

The material I picked reminded me of stained glass and I added some bits of vintage lace that I picked up at an estate sale.  I call the card Stained Glass and Lace. 


when hunting socks became a toy.

when my mother made me my very own monkey.

when I called him Bojangles.

when I lost him.

Do you remember, too?

You might want to check this out, too.

P.S. Bojangles, if you are out there I am still looking for you!

kindness_Page_0[1]This week’s random acts of kindness are giving a vintage 1970s mushroom patch that I thrifted to my co-worker that mentioned she is creating a pair of jeans like the ones she wore in the 70’s and covering them with patches.  

And…mailing out two just because boxes to friends. 

What have you done for someone lately? 

The ATCs continue to come in.  Here is this week’s batch from Kate’s Birthday ATC swap. 

DSC03550 (766x1024) This lovely flower ATC was sent by Marja Maas and arrived from the Netherlands.  She also sent along some dyed fabric and some embellishments. 

DSC03551 (756x1024)This lovely dress was created by  Maria Clara Lloveras and arrived from Barcelona, Spain.

DSC03552 (744x1024)Kate North, who organized the swap, sent me this lovely ATC.  

DSC03553 (1024x748)This lovely cake ATC was sent by  Montse Bolibar also from Barcelona.  My favorite part is the little candles with the tiny wicks.  Too great!

DSC03555 (697x1024)This card was sent to me by Beate Knappe.   I love the bits and pieces and the printed text. 

DSC03554 (731x1024)This ATC, inspired by April being Financial Literacy month, was created by  Kelly Hendrickson of the USA.  I love the old coins she added to the card. 

What a great month this is turning out to be! 

Sorry that I got all wrapped up in my sewing and forgot to post yesterday.  I was having a lot of fun.  Playing with colors, textures and a fungi.  I was making my new spring/summer purse.  I had been collecting some cute mushroom fabrics and was planning to use my favorite tote pattern which I improvised a bit to my liking. 

DSC03549 (1024x756)

Since I am not the best matching up the corners when I quilt I did a search on wonky patterns.  I came upon this tutorial for a wonky log cabin and thought it was just the ticket for me.  It is supposed to come out looking not exact. 

DSC03548 (1024x768) The center square is from a vintage 1960’s linen dress that I found at a thrift shop.  I bought it just for the fabric.  It was in kind of rough shape, but the print was so great I had to save it, right?  I used 3 different mushroom fabrics along with a floral and an Amy Butler print.  On the edges and for the handle outside I used some drapery fabric that I thrifted.  I like  the mix of the textures between the cotton and the decor fabrics.  It also places a sturdier fabric where it will get the most use on the handle and the bottom. 

DSC03547 (1024x767)

On the inside is Amy Butler fabric and my pockets.  Lots of pockets, 5 in total, one for my pen, one each for glasses and sunglasses, a misc pocket for my little notebook and a pouch and one catch all pocket that I put my key into. 

I love, love, love the way this came out.  It makes me smile!  How about you?  How’s that for a fun gi?

Here are a couple of my fav clips from Designing Women.  Julia, er Dixie, at her best!


And the second.

Make sure you watch it all the way through. 

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"What this world needs
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