kindness_Page_0[1]This week’s random act of kindness was small in the big scheme of the world, but huge to a overstressed Mom trying to shop with a cranky little toddler.  I was behind her in the checkout line (a very long line).  She had a few baby items in her cart.  Diapers, formula, wipes, etc.  I assume that she had popped in to get some things she needed for the little baby. 

The baby was fussy!  Perhaps hungry, perhaps sleepy, wet maybe, messy pants perhaps, but nonetheless she was SCREAMING!  I started making faces at the child who was being held against the mother’s shoulder.   At first she kept crying and then ever so slowly started to stare at me.  Then the stare turned to a tentative smile and then to a big smile that lasted the rest of the time we were in line.  By the time her Mommy paid for her items she was giggling at me. 

To me it was a little thing.  I like kids and they seem to like me.  To the Mom it was huge and she thanked me as she wheeled away.  I bet my fellow “line waiters” wanted to do the wave for me!  It was one of those screeching baby wails!  The kind that makes your skin crawl and your ears bleed. 

What small kindness have you showed others recently?