My Goodwill has an outlet…

It sells stuff really cheap.

DSC03650 (1024x768)

My Goodwill has an outlet…

It’s prices can’t be beat!

DSC03651 (1024x767)

Textiles and clothing sold by the pound…

It has the best prices around.

DSC03646 (1024x729)

You dig and dig to unearth a treasure…

Then pick it out by hand.

DSC03647 (1024x768)

It’s a mess and all thrown in together…

But you always find a score.

DSC03649 (1024x767)

It is my central spot for game pieces galore…

With selection like this who could ask for more?

I went on Sunday to my local Goodwill outlet.  It is not a place for the faint hearted or the person that likes things to be displayed and orderly.  They have tables and tables of totes with items that made their run through the Goodwill store or were not worthy of the store (they no longer sell open games so they go straight to the outlet).  You don’t have to take the entire game so there are game pieces galore.  There are also large rolling bins filled with clothes and bedding.  The clothes are separated by gender. 

For each of the game pieces that are in the large baggie I had to pick each one up by hand some in the same tote and others in neighboring totes.  I had to dig and dig, but it was well worth the trip.  These plus the two books, the CD, and the Tupperware piece of pie saver, and a tote bag full of stuff was only a little over $10. 

On other trips, I have found some children’s sized Ugg boots, a Dooney and Bourke wallet, some awesome vintage clothing, so great pieces of fabric and some really great old books. 

It is certainly worth a trip!  Check out your local Goodwill’s website to see if they have an outlet near you.  You will either be glad you did or vow never to return, but if you are a hearty thrifter you will be in Heaven!