The ATCs continue to come in.  Here is this week’s batch from Kate’s Birthday ATC swap. 

DSC03550 (766x1024) This lovely flower ATC was sent by Marja Maas and arrived from the Netherlands.  She also sent along some dyed fabric and some embellishments. 

DSC03551 (756x1024)This lovely dress was created by  Maria Clara Lloveras and arrived from Barcelona, Spain.

DSC03552 (744x1024)Kate North, who organized the swap, sent me this lovely ATC.  

DSC03553 (1024x748)This lovely cake ATC was sent by  Montse Bolibar also from Barcelona.  My favorite part is the little candles with the tiny wicks.  Too great!

DSC03555 (697x1024)This card was sent to me by Beate Knappe.   I love the bits and pieces and the printed text. 

DSC03554 (731x1024)This ATC, inspired by April being Financial Literacy month, was created by  Kelly Hendrickson of the USA.  I love the old coins she added to the card. 

What a great month this is turning out to be!