Sorry that I got all wrapped up in my sewing and forgot to post yesterday.  I was having a lot of fun.  Playing with colors, textures and a fungi.  I was making my new spring/summer purse.  I had been collecting some cute mushroom fabrics and was planning to use my favorite tote pattern which I improvised a bit to my liking. 

DSC03549 (1024x756)

Since I am not the best matching up the corners when I quilt I did a search on wonky patterns.  I came upon this tutorial for a wonky log cabin and thought it was just the ticket for me.  It is supposed to come out looking not exact. 

DSC03548 (1024x768) The center square is from a vintage 1960’s linen dress that I found at a thrift shop.  I bought it just for the fabric.  It was in kind of rough shape, but the print was so great I had to save it, right?  I used 3 different mushroom fabrics along with a floral and an Amy Butler print.  On the edges and for the handle outside I used some drapery fabric that I thrifted.  I like  the mix of the textures between the cotton and the decor fabrics.  It also places a sturdier fabric where it will get the most use on the handle and the bottom. 

DSC03547 (1024x767)

On the inside is Amy Butler fabric and my pockets.  Lots of pockets, 5 in total, one for my pen, one each for glasses and sunglasses, a misc pocket for my little notebook and a pouch and one catch all pocket that I put my key into. 

I love, love, love the way this came out.  It makes me smile!  How about you?  How’s that for a fun gi?