This week’s random act of kindness involves an Etsy seller.  I mentioned that I made a friend via a paper doll swap that lives in Canada.  She sent me some of her artwork in a 1:1 swap and I commented on a bead she used to create it.  She mentioned that she used the last one that she had on my creation and that she had been looking for more. 

While cruising Etsy as I am very prone to do more than I should, I located that bead and contacted the seller to buy a larger quantity of them.  She accommodated my request and gave me a break on the cost and the shipping and handling.   

Purple Goddess Talisman Pendant - Package of 2

I am now waiting for the beads I bought so that I can then pass some of them along to my new friend in Canada. 

Random acts of kindness can be ordered, can take time to arrive, and can be purchased. 

What random acts have you done lately?



Picture is the sellers