A few more ATCs trickled in last week.  It is so exciting opening the envelopes and seeing all of the creations from around the world. 

DSC03471 (828x1024)



This lovely ATC arrived from Anne Newman in England and is entitled Stars and Stripes. 







DSC03470 (1024x655)



This lovely card was made by Paula Shell who is located in New Zealand.




DSC03469 (864x1024)




Not to pick favorites, but this one is the coolest and is made entirely from zippers.  The red zipper on the card actually opens and closes.  It was created by Tracy Pereira from the UK.





DSC03468 (769x1024)



This lovely card came from Marina Perez Paris in Barcelona, Spain.  I love how she used the netting on this card. 






 DSC03466 (806x1024)




This card came from Kathy Haffegee in England.  I love the stitching and the crazy quilt effect on this one. 





DSC03465 (798x1024)




This one is really cool, too.  It was created by Penny Crompton in Australia. 






And I still have many, many more to arrive.  Woohoo!